Garlic for Chest Pain Home Remedies That Works

Garlic is a natural expectorant that can be used for curing chest pain. A clove of fresh garlic is an effective remedy for chest infections.

Garlic is very effective in providing relief from the inflammation and pain caused due to chest congestion. Its anti-bacterial and anti-viral nature prevents infection and helps in removing mucus from the body.

How it should be consumed?

It is advised to consume raw garlic to get maximum benefits out of it. Another way to cure chest pain is to boil garlic in milk and consume the solution to get better results.

Another home remedy for chest pain is garlic milk. You can boil a glass of milk by adding 6 to 7 pieces of chopped garlic on a medium flame. By drinking this milk you will definitely get relieved from the chest pain. 

Impacts of Consuming Garlic

Household spices like garlic is of great help in relieving the symptoms of chest congestion. It fights sinus congestion, defeats bacterial infection and helps loosen mucus. You will be able to expel the mucus with cough and breathe freely. You can chew on two cloves of garlic regularly to clear chest congestion.

Garlic for chest pain

If you are suffering from a chest pain for a prolonged time period then Garlic can be your savior in that case. Take six to eight cloves of garlic, chew it and swallow it with hot water. You will be able to find immediate relief. 

Garlic for asthma

If you are suffering from asthma garlic can be of great help. You can consume it by adding eight to ten drops of garlic and four to five drops of honey in warm water.  After drinking this mixture you will be able to breathe comfortably.

Garlic for Chest Congestion 

Garlic juice can also be consumed to deal with the problem of chest congestion. Eating raw garlic can also provide desired results. If you consume garlic juice just after consuming onion juice you can get maximum benefits out of it.

Another home remedy for chest congestion can be garlic oil. The application- Re of garlic oil on chest (before going to sleep) can help in reducing the thickness of mucus.

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