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Olive oil can be called as the ultimate nourishing oil. It contains conditioning elements which help to make your skin smooth and radiant. You can use olive oil directly on your skin and see the results.

However, there are few ingredients with which you can use olive oil for better results.

Almond Meal and Olive Oil Scrub

This scrub is easy to prepare at home and is very helpful in treating dry skin. To make the almond meal, simply grind some raw almonds in a spice grinder to make a fine powder. Take 1 cup of almond meal and add ½ cup of olive oil. Mix the ingredients and add 2 to 3 drops of any essential oil like rose, lavender, lemon or chamomile. Essential oils nourish the skin and are perfect for creating luxurious body scrubs. Apply it on your face and body. Rub in circular motions and wash off.

Cucumber and Olive oil

Cut Cucumber in to small pieces. Now pour cucumber slices and olive oil in a grinder. Make a thick paste by grinding both of them together. Apply this mixture on your neck and face. Leave this mask on your skin for 20 minutes and then massage it on your face in circular movements for 1-2 minutes. Try to use this amazing face mask at least twice a week for best results. This face mask naturally removes dryness from your skin, keeping it nourished from inside and finally leaving a healthy glow on your skin.

Olive oil is a natural ingredient and miraculous oil which has numerous benefits over dry skin. If your eye lids are very dry and appear swollen, you can massage or apply the olive oil on the lids. This would help in nourishing the dry skin and would rejuvenate the skin. Also this remedy fights pigmentation and patchiness.

Banana and Olive Oil

Mix banana and olive oil together. Make sure you mash the banana well. Now apply it evenly on your face and neck. Banana is excellent for dry skin. Avoid the area around the eyes. Leave it for at least 15 minutes. Wash it off with cold water and wipe your face with a towel very gently. 

Banana moisturizes your skin and makes it glow once you start using it. Make sure you use a good quality olive oil for this face pack. It is ideal for your dry skin.

What can be more nourishing and moisturizing than the olive oil? This cool oil brings the glorious and amazing skin out and fights the dead skin cells, under nourished skin, patchy skin and such many skin impairments. 

Avocado with Olive Oil: 

Vitamin A is rich in Avocado. This helps to retain the moisture levels of your skin. Thus, avocado helps in soothing with flaky and dry skin. Similarly, olive oil is good for moisturizing your skin. Vitamin E is rich in olive oil. Furthermore, healthy fats are high in this beauty oil. Thus, the combination of these ingredients helps in sealing the moisture within your skin. 

How to Use:

Mash a ripe avocado with the help of a fork. Now add one tbsp of olive oil to the mashed pulp of avocado. Stir well. Now, apply the paste as a layer on your dry skin. Let the paste sit on your skin for a few minutes. Rinse off with the help of lukewarm water. Repeat the process for three times in a week.

The purpose of using this face mask is to make the skin smooth and soft from deeper layer. Avocado being the richest source of vitamin E penetrates in skin pores and enriches it with essential vitamins and other nutrients. On the other hand, olive oil plays an essential role in making skin soft and supple just like babies’. Form the paste by using one ripe avocado and scooping out its pulp in a bowl. treating dry skin

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