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Turmeric has many anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antibiotic properties. It has curative powers and helps in healing wounds, cuts, burns, and even bruises. Also, turmeric can be used as a treatment for bruises because it has the capacity to deal with wounds, injuries, swelling, pains, and many other medical conditions with much ease.

Home Remedy for Bruises

Add one tablespoon of turmeric powder to a paste pf slaked lime. Mix well and prepare a paste. Applying the paste on the bruise will give excellent results. One can apply this paste at frequent intervals and within a few hours for better results. 

This will not only help in reducing the pain, and the swelling caused due to bruising, but it will also hasten the overall healing process.

This is not a secret anymore that turmeric is the best-known healer of wounds and injuries. Mix turmeric powder in a cup of warm milk and drink it every morning, on an empty stomach.

Turmeric tea is one of my favorite natural cold remedies. A paste of powdered turmeric with tamarind can be made to treat bad bruises. 

To make your own tamarind paste at home, you’ll need:

About 8 oz. of tamarind pulp
2 cups boiling water

In a ceramic or non-reactive bowl, pour the boiling water over the tamarind pulp. Let it sit for about 30 minutes, covered or uncovered. Pour the contents of the bowl into a container fitted with a fine-mesh sieve, and press the soaked and boiled tamarind pulp through the sieve until you have a thick paste, discarding any fibers left behind.

To use a tamarind paste for a bruise, put a little bit on a piece of clean, dry cloth, and sprinkle it with a few pinches of turmeric powder. Apply this cloth to your bruise and let it sit for at least 15 minutes before removing. You can gently wipe off any tamarind paste that gets left behind after you remove the cloth.

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