Lifestyle Choices Can Lead To Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is a common occurrence in all people and while age is a factor in hearing loss, it is not the only factor. The activities people participate in and the choices they make on a daily basis have a profound impact on their hearing. Things people are completely oblivious to increase their risk of hearing loss. The effects of their lifestyle choices may not make their hearing loss noticeable right away, but they do make a big impact later on.

It may surprise people to realize it, but hearing loss is directly related to their health. The unhealthier a person is, the more likely they are to experience some form of hearing loss later in life. The fact is, living a healthier lifestyle is going to help prevent hearing loss in many people. Everything from what people eat to where they work, and what they do for fun affects their hearing. One way to prevent this from happening is to understand the risk factors associated with hearing loss and make lifestyle changes to eliminate those things from a person’s life.  As people age, in maintaining a healthy diet and eliminating things that are harmful to a person’s body, not only can a person age healthily and gracefully but they can also protect their hearing.   

Too Much Noise

It may not be surprising to many, but too much noise is bad for the ears. Too much noise can damage a person’s eardrums, which makes them more likely to experience hearing loss later in life. The vibrations from loud noise damage the eardrum. This noise could come from listening to music on earphones too loud, listening to music in the car too loud, working at a job where there is loud equipment and machinery, and doing everyday things such as mowing the lawn or sawing firewood. 

To best ensure that people throughout the years do not damage their eardrums with too much noise, they should wear earmuffs when they participate in activities such as these. Even though it may not seem necessary in some instances, it is always a good idea. As for earphones and music, it’s up to every individual not to turn up the music so loud when listening to their favorite songs. However, there are apps people can download that allows them to block the volume from going above a certain decibel on many iPods and smart phones. If someone currently is affected by hearing loss an alternative to help with their hearing levels may be the use of a hearing aid.  


People with diabetes are more at risk for developing hearing problems than their healthy counterparts. Diabetes is a disease directly related to a poor diet and unhealthy lifestyle. The best thing people can do with their health is to take care of it, avoid diabetes, and avoid hearing loss. A healthy, balanced diet will prevent people from suffering hearing loss as well as preventing them from gaining too much weight and harming other body parts. This reduces their risk of hearing loss. In addition to eating a healthy diet, people should also make sure to get plenty of exercise. Medical professionals recommend getting between 20 and 30 minutes of moderate exercise on a daily basis for optimal health. 

Smoking Cigarettes

There is something in nicotine that greatly damages a person’s eardrums. This applies to anyone who smokes and those who they smoke near. Adolescents who have parents that smoke are twice as likely to develop hearing problems as they grow up. This can be prevented if parents and adolescents refrain from smoking. Adults who smoke have a 70 percent higher risk of developing hearing problems than those who do not smoke. All in all, smoking is dangerous, and it is very bad for people’s health. It does far more harm to people’s bodies than causing hearing loss

Deep Cleaning

It’s okay to use q-tips to clean the ear, but it is not okay to push the q-tips into the ear canal. Even if there is wax in there, it needs to be left alone. Cotton swabs are for cleaning the immediate inside and exterior of the ear only. The wax that builds up in the ear canal isn’t there simply to gross people out; it actually performs a duty.  The wax in the ear canal helps to keep infections and fungi out of the ear canal. Both of these things can harm the eardrum. Additionally, wax that is pushed further into the ear with a q-tip can harm the eardrum and making hearing loss more likely. 

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