Aloe Vera and Scars


Aloe vera for scars is in use for many years because of its ability to comfort skin with negligible side-effects. It restores the water in the skin because it contains 99.5% of just water. It is available in powder, gel, or liquid form and comes from the aloe plant. Having clear and glowing skin is still a dream for many people. Whether it be a scar you got in an accident or your acne marks that are too stubborn to leave, you can look for a herbal remedy in aloe vera.

How to use aloe vera for scars

Using aloe vera for treating scars is simple and easy. Wash the part of the body that is scarred thoroughly with lukewarm water to clear it off any bacteria or dirt that may be present. Next, dry it with a towel such that it remains a little moist. Apply on the moist surface aloe vera gel and let it remain for a few minutes. Research has shown that aloe vera gel when used in tandem with the skincare product retinol has produced better performance in lightening the scars and has been particularly effective in dealing with acne marks.

Aloe vera-based gel and other products can readily be obtained online or from a close-by supermarket. However, you can also choose to have an aloe vera plant in your home. In that case, all you will have to do is break a leaf of the plant and apply the gel released on the affected area of the skin.

How aloe vera works

Aloe vera targets the various reasons that bring about irritated and scarred skin. Read along to know the benefits of using aloe vera in scars.

Repairs scars

Aloe vera accelerates the production of collagen by increasing the growth of fibroblasts (cells that make collagen) which is the substance necessary to repair a scarred skin. This makes aloe vera particularly effective in treating burns or injury scars.

Inflammation and wounds

Thromboxane is a chemical that reduces the speed of healing of the wounds and aloe vera targets this chemical and lowers down its count in the body. Histamine, which causes irritation is also decreased with the aid of aloe vera because it is rich in magnesium lactate. Aloe vera gives signals to the immune system that further helps in reducing inflammation.

Lightens Marks

Melanin is the pigment responsible for the darkening of the skin in general and it also causes blackening and dampening of the scarred area. Aloe vera lightens the scar marks and makes them less noticeable by controlling the production of melanin by a compound called aloesin which is present in it.

Key Takeaway

If you’re someone who is troubled by acne or other marks and scars on the skin, aloe vera might be the best thing for you. Remember to first test your skin’s adaptability to aloe vera by applying it to a smaller area (some people are allergic to aloe vera). Also, aloe vera is herbal in nature meaning it will take its time before showing significant results. The key is consistency - using it at least twice a day for a month or two will bear results.

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