Teeth Bonding Drawbacks You Should Know

Bonding the teeth is one of the most affordable treatment options for correcting several dental problems like broken teeth. Like every other dental treatment,composite dental bonding has its drawbacks, and if you want to undergo this dental treatment, you need to know these drawbacks to help you decide whether or not dental bonding is for you.

What is Teeth Bonding?

Teeth bonding involves the dentist applying composite material on the teeth and holding it inplace with dental cement.  You can use dental bonding for different purposes, and it is one of the cheapest options for correcting discoloured and chipped teeth. You can also use teeth bonding to fix issues like gapped teeth, slight misalignment of the teeth and worn down enamel.

Most people prefer teeth bonding because it is a quick fix and also a cheap option for getting a better smile. However, it has the following disadvantages.

·         Teeth bonding is not a permanent fix.

The dentist bonds tough, plastic materials on the affected teeth to improve the general appearance of the teeth but the material used is not durable.

The outer structure of the teeth called enamel is a tough structure in the body. The enamel is made to resist tearing and wearing down, and because of this, we can comfortably use cutlery made of metal. The tough enamel fits with the powerful jaw muscles to allow the proper functioning of the teeth.

Although porcelain is nearly as hard as the natural teeth, you cannot compare the strength of plastic material to that of the teeth. After a while, the plastic material used for teeth bonding will need replacement. This is because the material will likely wear down, break or chip. 

If you care for your bonded teeth, it could last for about ten years. Although teeth bonding is not a short-term fix, it is not a treatment option that lasts a lifetime.

·         Teeth bonding needs special care.

Although you can care for porcelain veneers the same way you care for your natural teeth, teeth bonding requires special care. It would be best if you were careful while eating with bonded teeth to avoid damaging it.

Dental restorations are not as strong as the natural teeth and may get damaged when you eat hard foods. While eating, be careful not to bite into hard foods or chew them with your bonded teeth as you will likely damage the affected teeth.

·         Teeth bonding is prone to staining.

The plastic used for teeth bonding is prone to staining, unlike porcelain and the natural teeth that do not get stained easily. If you do not properly care for your bonded teeth, they would quickly get stained.

If you take a lot of coffee and other coloured beverages, you may not be able to maintain the colour of your bonded teeth. People who smoke may not be able to get their teeth bonded. If you want to get teeth bonding, you may need to stop habits that are likely to cause staining of the teeth.

·         Teeth bonding is a recurring cost.

If you do not opt for another way to improve the appearance of your teeth, you may need to spend on teeth bonding every 3 – 5 years.

Although the initial cost of getting teeth bonding is little, like every other dental restoration, the cost getting teeth bonding, in the long run, makes it expensive. Before you get teeth bonding, consider if you have the money for replacement after a few years.

Who is suitable for teeth bonding?

Teeth bonding is an excellent option for fixing minor dental issues, and you can always opt for it if you know the downsides of the treatment. The treatment option is cheap, and for most people, this is a major perk. You can also complete the process in one dental visit, and it does not require so much commitment like other dental treatments.

If you smoke, chew your nails, take a lot of coloured beverages, you may want to think twice about bonding your teeth as teeth bonding breaks and gets stained easily.

What are the alternatives to teeth bonding?

The downsides of teeth bonding above are facts about the dental procedure that you need to know before you opt for it. However, teeth bonding is not a bad teeth improvement option. There are a few other options which may be a better and durable option compared to bonding. The regular teeth bonding also has advanced and has a variant called Bioclear.

Bioclear is less invasive, affordable, long-lasting and aesthetic. Bioclear does not require the removal of the tooth structure, but the outcome of the treatment is outstanding.

You may also decide to opt for porcelain veneers instead of teeth bonding. Porcelain veneers are more expensive, but they give natural-looking teeth. Some people consider porcelain veneers as the gold standard in cosmetic dentistry.

Crowns are another alternative to teeth bonding, and they are a permanent treatment option for different dental issues. Getting crowns is more expensive than tooth bonding, and the procedure may damage the natural structure of the teeth. Dentists usually recommend crowns for people with severely decayed or damaged teeth.

If you are considering composite bonding in Londonto make your teeth more aesthetic, visit Cosmetic Dentistry Clinic to speak to a dentist about the most suitable treatment option for you.


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