Home Remedies For Headaches

Best Home Remedies For Headaches From The Kitchen

Headache is best described as pain or discomfort occurring in head or upper portion of the neck, in a body. There are no nerves in brain to give expression to the sense of pain. There are many body parts surrounding the brain such as muscles engulfing the skull, eyes and ears, meninges covering the surface of brain, arteries, veins – under stress they can become irritated or inflamed to cause pain called a headache. The pain can be of different types – mild, dull, sharp throb or intense. In this article, we list curing properties of simple item. In other words, home remedies for headaches from the kitchen.

Headaches are classified into three types. They are primary, secondary and the third type is composed of facial pain, cranial neuralgias along with other headaches. Home remedies for headaches vary according to conditions, severity and disorders.

There is no need to go to the physician for treatment, as headaches can also be easily cured by simple physical activity.

Magnesium Tablets

If you are suffering from migraine, chances are that your brain is low in magnesium. It is mandatory for persons having migraine to keep a magnesium tablet handy, in case of adverse circumstances. Magnesium can also have side effects such as causing diarrhoea, so it is better to seek the advice of a physician. For natural foods high in magnesium, you can have dried figs, dark chocolate, mackerel and pumpkin seeds.

Eucalyptus oil

The practice of using this oil to relieve headaches has been found in ancient primitive tribes. Applying the oil on the forehead and temples and massaging for duration of 15 to 20 minutes can make the muscles relax and make the blood move freely.


Grind about five pieces of ginger, mix with water and heat the mixture. An intake of this juice, when cold, is found to be effective against migraine headaches. It also controls hormones contributing to inflammation. To prevent headaches, you can have a mixture of ginger juice with lemon.

Black Tea

The best recipe would be the grandmothers, where strong black tea is mixed with gyrated cloves. The aroma might soothe the person and its intake might give relief in a half an hour duration.

Green Tea

Prepare tea using one cup of warm water, a green tea bag and ten drops of lemon juice. You can get relief within a short period of time.

Cinnamon Powder

Prepare a paste with the ingredients being cinnamon powder (2 tablespoons), five tablespoons of water and apply on your forehead and temple.


You can get mild headaches as a byproduct of tensed muscles in the neck section. Basil has been found to be effective, as it calms muscles and also has analgesic properties.

You can prepare basil tea by boiling basil leaves in water, to the highest level. Add few drops of honey to the tea and when it gets warm, you can drink the mixture to get relief. The other best way to get instant relief would be boiling the basil leaves in water. Then place it on a table and cover your face with a clean hand towel. The steam can open up clots and enlarge the blood vessels providing instant relief.


Prevention is the best cure – proverb. If you get the faintest idea of your body preparing to have a headache then munch some almonds, as an alternative source. It contains salicin used in pain relieving medicines.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Similar to Aloe vera, ACV or apple cider vinegar has been found to be effective in curing multiple ailments such as scurvy.

You can have a steam bath just for your face with this process. You can add one quarter of a cup of ACV in a large bowl of boiling water. Pull a thick towel over your head, not allowing the medicinal steam to make a getaway and take deep breaths. You are wise anyway to keep your head away from getting too close to the bowl. Do the procedure in regular intervals for two to three minutes. You can wash the perspiration on your face with cold water and pat dry with another hand wash towel. Do not forget to drink two glasses of cold water for precaution from dehydration. In a similar fashion, you can also use rosemary oil to get rid of headache caused because of cold weather and migraine.

Ginger-root Tea

Ginger root is effective in reducing headaches and nausea. To prepare ginger root tea, take 3 slices of ginger and two cups of water. Boil the mixture, with a plate covering the bowl for thirty minutes. You can use a tablespoon to remove pieces of ginger, transfer to another cup and start sipping tea slowly, while at the same time inhaling the steam. Give your body some time and you can heave a sigh of relief!


As the name says, using this plant can reduce fever. It can also help in headaches by relaxing or constricting the blood vessels, thereby lowering the pressure in the painful areas. Other properties include reducing inflammation and there are no side effects.

You can take dried flowers of fever few plants and mix with two cups of water. Boil the mixture and after it reaches the simmering point, allow it to dry. Taking the mixture two times a day can relieve you from present headache and prevent you from the future ones.


Butterbur is a herb and medicine practitioners use different parts of this herb such as root, leaves and bulb to make medicine.

Natural Remedies For Headache


If you have a severe headache, try giving the affected part and its closer parts a gentle massage. This is a temporary relief situation. Although, taking some time from your busy schedule during work time, can relieve you of headache.

Massaging with lavender oil on your forehead and temple can increase blood circulation and bring relaxation. If the pain is intense, you can go to a separate room or to a secluded place where the benefits can be felt more.

You can also substitute lavender oil with pepper mint oil. The ingredient of peppermint, menthol, has the capacity to stimulate the affected area, reduce pressure on the nerves causing pain and bring in relaxation.

You can take the maximum benefit of a vaporizer, if you add seven drops of lavender oil and three drops of peppermint oil. A deep breath of steam from the combined oils can give you relief. A very simple method of handling headache would be to sprinkle few drops of peppermint oil on your handkerchief and then deeply inhale the aroma, frequently.

If you are in a crowded place with family members, excuse yourself, go to a corner and place peppermint tea bags (wet) on your forehead or near the nostrils for ten minutes.

Stretch The Affected Area

Headaches can also be caused due to muscle tension in the neck during regular bouts of work. Neck exercises help to improve circulation of blood. Let the exercise become part of your daily routine.


Meditation can also be used as an effective way of treatment for headaches. Vipassana, a meditation technique has been found to decrease migraine frequency and improve health.

Hot Water

Immersing your feet in hot water has its own advantages. The blood circulation is stimulated and the muscles will stretch causing relief. Be careful to do this exercise half an hour before having food. If you have a high and intense headache, adding mustard powder to the water will be beneficial. If you fill a bowl with hot water and use it to apply heat on the rear portion of neck, headaches caused due to stress can be cured. Heat causes muscles to expand allowing the blood to flow freely. Immersing your hands in hot water is another simple method of doing the ancient Chinese practice of acupressure. The vital organs in your body are connected to the palms and feet by means of nerves. Heat makes the body to release endomorphins, naturally. Endomorphins are pain killers or pain relieving substances.


Grandmother medicine lists icepacks as the easiest way to subdue headache, in the least possible time. Cold contracts the blood vessels, reduce swelling and inflammation. Cold helps the specific nerves or body parts inhibit the ability to have feelings of pain. You can also place ice bags on the temple, forehead and neck to have relief.


The main component of coffee, caffeine is added in pain killers such as Excedrin, as it decreases the swelling of blood vessels, providing immediate relief. If you are a heavy drinker of coffee, because of New Year resolution, you did not touch the same for three days, you might suffer from symptoms of headache because of withdrawal symptoms.


If you are suffering from hangover in the weekend due to partying, you can have breakfast of apple pieces, sprinkled with salt. Apples can help restore/maintain the acid/alkaline balance in the body. Take regular cups of warm water to increase blood circulation.

Fish Oil

If you are a chef specializing in fish dishes or an enthusiast of fish items in your dishes, or if you have fish oil at your home, you can easily get rid of headache. A survey by American Heart Association has found that ingredients of fish oil help the body lower blood pressure and strengthens the heart with stable beats. The other complimentary properties of fish oil include reduction of blood clots and inflammation.

You can either consume oral supplements of fish oil or one tablespoon of fish oil with one glass of orange juice to get relief from headache.


You can get headache if you are a regular drinker, as alcohol can make your body sweat or release water in the form of urine. The alternative would be to rehydrate your body. In short, drinking water at regular intervals, throughout the day.

Watermelon Juice And Sugar For Headaches

Prepare juice from watermelon and mix with one tablespoon of sugar. Drink this mixture. If you feel that your body is suffering from extra heat, that’s why you have a headache, then having juice of pineapple mixed with sugar, cures the body of excess heat and provides relief.


Take a scarf or long cloth and tie it around the parts where you can feel the pressure point. If your blood vessels are swollen, the pain can be reduced. The effective home remedy would be to tie a cloth dipped in vinegar – the practice followed since ancient times.

How To Prevent Headaches

Headaches are a part and parcel of human lives. You can prevent them if you follow a regular exercise regime. The major causes are stress or prolonged tension, inflammation and clotting of blood in respective areas of the head, forehead, temple and neck. Indulging in physical activity such as swimming, jogging, aerobic exercises, cycling, brisk walking can make your body immune to not only headaches, but also immune to simple ailments such as cough and cold. If you are a software engineer or have a job profile which requires you to stare at the computer for considerable amount of time, do eye exercises at regular intervals to prevent eye strain. Eye strain is also considered to be the prominent reason for headaches.

A balanced diet comprising of the required proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates in diet can boost the body to prepare a perfect immune system. When having food, eat it slowly and happily so that the mind is at peace with the body. Medical researchers have found that vital ingredients in diet are absorbed rapidly when the mind is peaceful and happy.