Slow Down the Ageing Process

 It doesn’t matter whether you are still in your twenties or thirties, the sooner you get conscious about protecting your body form aging, the better it is. It’s always good to get on to proper eating and regular exercising habits, as early in life as possible, because making changes after 50, when health problems may already have started doesn’t help much. Getting conscious about your life today will ensure a smoother journey through the twilight years of your life. Here are some steps that will help you in retarding the aging process of your body and in helping you to lead a life full of energy and vitality till the very end.

Limit the junk

Refined carbohydrates, carbonated beverages, alcohol and Trans fats, are best had within limits, because the toxins produced by these things have a degenerative effect on our cellular structure. There are also a host of other health problems which arise due to the consumption of such foods. The fats will choke your arteries, the refined carbohydrates will make you obese, the alcohol will damage your brain cells and sodas will make your bones brittle. So, give up all these damaging foods for healthier foods like whole grains, dairy, fresh fruits and vegetables, fish and organic foods.

Keep the machinery fine tuned

Just like your car begins to rust if left unused, your body too begins deteriorating if you don’t keep it mobile. You need to exercise, to improve blood circulation, to keep the glands working, to open up skin pores and to keep the muscles well toned, only then can you expect to have a pain and problem less, future. Healthy blood circulation will keep your arteries clean and all the organs of the body well nourished. So get onto some exercise regimen and make sure you set aside at least 4-5 hours a week, only for exercising.

Exercise is not just beneficial for physical health but also for your mental health, and there are several physical activities which are helpful in developing cognitive abilities. Besides physical activates, think about keeping you mind in good health by doing some metal exercises such as playing crosswords or sudoku. Pick up some challenging mental tasks and you are least likely to face the problem of memory loss as you grow older.