Coconut Oil For Skin

 Women living in the tropical regions are blessed with a glowing skin. The secret behind their radiant skin is the regular application of coconut oil.

They rub their skins with coconut oil and apply it on their hair as well. The quick absorbing coconut oil benefits the skin by giving it a soft and smooth texture.

The coconut palm a tropical tree yields the anti-oxidant rich coconut oil. Coconut oil promotes beautiful skin by smoothening out wrinkles and hydrating the dry and flaky skin. Unlike moisturizing creams which provide skin hydration for a short period of time, coconut oil helps to keep the skin moisturized for long periods.

With age the connective tissues of our skin become hard. Once this happens, the free radicals begin to attack the skin as a result of which the skin becomes dry and starts to sag as well. The regular application of the antioxidant rich coconut oil helps to overcome this problem.

The dead skin which builds up over time is removed by regularly massaging the skin with coconut oil. As a result the people who use this miracle oil have a glowing skin with a glossy sheen.

Acne affects people of all ages but teenagers are especially vulnerable to acne breakouts. If acne is not treated it can leave the skin scarred and pitted. Virgin coconut oil can help to control acne breakouts. People suffering from this skin problem have experienced vast relief after repeated application of coconut oil.

Skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis which are characterized by dry and flaky skin and severe itching can also be treated effectively with coconut oil. A little known fact about coconut oil is that it acts as a natural suntan lotion.

Overexposure to the harsh rays of the sun can result in premature aging of the skin. The coconut oil acts as a natural sunscreen and prevents the dangerous UV rays from damaging the skin. If you have suffered from painful sunburn then apply coconut oil on the affected part and get fast acting relief.

While taking care of the rest of our body, we often forget about our feel. Dry cracked and calloused heels can spoil our overall appearance. Coconut oil applied on cracked heels help to heal it fast. Instead of using chemically laden chap sticks use coconut oil on your cracked and dry lips.