Medical Procedures To Treat Cellulite

Till a few decades back, there weren’t many solutions available to get rid of those unsightly lumps around the thighs and hips, which are known as cellulite. But thanks to the modern cosmetology, there are several treatments available to overcome cellulite.

There are several spas which offer a range of cellulite treatments, but of course all these have a big enough price tag attached to them. We’ve enlisted some of the available treatments here; so as to help you choose one, based on the severity of the problem and the amount of money you are willing to shell out.


This is the most popular and the most widely practiced treatment for removing cellulite, in which a machine is used which pulls, stretches, spins and sucks the skin to break down the cellulite deposits. The rollers used in the machine help in loosening up the connective tissues which surround the accumulated fat, and this fat is what gives your skin a bumpy texture on the outside.

The whole procedure helps in improving blood circulation to the tissues, alongside breaking down the fat deposits. As for the money part of it, be prepared to shell out anything between a thousand dollars to two thousand dollars spread over twelve to fifteen sessions.


That’s another method, where in, a suction machine is used to massage the area. After the massage, the area is cooled and then a laser beam is used to stimulate the skin and break down the fat underneath it. Again the expenses are quite high, and you may have to undergo ten to fifteen sessions paying approximately 150 dollars for every session.

Radio waves

This is another treatment, which involves using radio waves at certain frequency, to treat the problem of cellulite. The radio waves help in breaking down the fat lumps and then infrared heat is used to improve blood circulation. At the end of the session, a massage is carried out to relax and loosen up the connective tissues.

While all these methods are performed by experts and all these usually have a heavy price tag attached to them, you always have the alternative to get on to a cellulite reducing excise program, which entails working out the legs, toning the lower body, and doing some cardio and strength training.